You can buy gun online just like you can buy anything else. The major difference is that arms cannot be shipped directly to the purchaser. There must be a certified guns dealer to receive weapons. Select a gun dealer in your region as your shipping address during the checkout process.

Your firearm will be sent to the dealer of your choice by us. Form 4473 and an FBI background check must be completed before you may pick up your new firearm at a gun store. Transferring a weapon is often free of charge at most gun shops. The transfer of a handgun from a dealer to a customer typically takes around 10-15 minutes.

A waiting time begins after the transfer procedure is complete in certain places. As soon as the transfer process gets completed, buyers in other states may take ownership of their firearms.

Steps to Place Your Order

  1. Add the gun (Handgun, Rifle, Glock) you want to your cart after you’ve found it.
  2. Go to the Shopping Cart page and click the Checkout button to complete your purchase.
  3. You may check out as a guest in case you do not have a username and password.
  4. Continue by entering your billing address information.
  5. Your zip code and radius for your FFL search are entered, then click Search.
  6. Click Continue once you’ve selected the FFL dealer who will receive and process your weapon.
  7. Continue by choosing your shipment method.
  8. Click Continue once you’ve entered your payment information.
  9. Click the “Place Order” tab after checking your order.

This is all! A confirmation email will be sent to you immediately after you make an order with us. An email with tracking information will be sent to you when your product ships.

Thank you for shopping at Gunmeplug!

If you have questions or need help with anything, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].