1. Where can I find Gunmeplug? What is their phone number?

The shop locator feature on the Gunmeplug website will help you find nearby locations and contact information for such stores.

2. Is there an option to buy a gun from Gunmeplug.com and have it delivered to my local shop?

Yes! Because we don’t charge a transfer fee if you purchase online and pick it up at a nearby shop, this is a popular option.

3. On the web, how can I purchase a firearm?

But there are several crucial attributes to bear in mind while using this strategy. We’ve put up a comprehensive guide on how to buy guns online, so please check it out!

4. What is a Federally Licensed Dealer (FFL)?

A federal firearms license is known as an FFL. The number of FFL holders in the United States now stands at 58,000. Gun shops, pawnshops, and retail sports goods businesses are all examples of FFL holders. Many people, on the other hand, have an FFL. ATF Form 4473 and an FBI background check are required for any online sales of weapons to people. Once there, a local FFL holder will then transfer the firearm to the customer.

5. How can I get a local dealer to handle the transfer of my firearm?

You will choose an FFL dealer in your area from our database of FFL holders during the checkout process instead of inputting your own address. Before making a purchase from us, be sure to get in touch with the FFL dealer of your choice. You should check with the dealer before making an order to see whether they allow FFL transfers. You may also want to find out how much they charge.

6. Is it possible to buy a gun and ammo at the same time?

No, you can’t buy a gun and ammo at the same time.

7. Gunmeplug is out of stock of the firearm I want. Is it still available to buy?

It’s unlikely. However, check with your nearby retailer to see if they have the weapon in stock.

8. As of now, my order is still in the "processing" stage. How do you explain it?

If you see this, it implies your purchase was received, but it hasn’t yet been dispatched.

9. There's no longer any indication that a charge is pending on my credit card. Is everything in order?

Yes. The first charge was only an authorization to verify that the amount of your purchase may be deducted from your payment method’s account. After a few days, such authorization usually expires. When your purchase is sent, a new charge will show on your credit card statement.

10. My order confirmation email was not sent to me. Is my purchase complete?

Yes, it’s quite likely that so. Give yourself time to get your confirmation email, and be sure to check your spam folder as well. If you need to resend your order confirmation email, please contact customer support.

11. My shipping confirmation email had a broken link for shipment tracking.

The tracking link might take up to 24 hours to activate once the order is shipped. After receiving your shipping confirmation, please wait at least 24 hours before doing another verification check. Please contact customer care if this doesn’t work for you.

12. My gun has arrived at my local shop, according to the tracking information. Is it possible for me to go and get it right now?

Your gun is ready for pickup, but you must wait for a call from the shop before you arrive. Call the shop if you have any questions regarding your order’s progress.

13. For what reason do I need an FFL dealer to get my AR lower?

To comply with orders from the federal government.

14. What is the process through which rebates work?

You may learn more about rebates by visiting this page.

15. What is the return policy for Gunmeplug products?

If you have any questions, please check out our return and cancellation policy.

16. Is PayPal accepted by you?

No. PayPal will not accept payments for weapons, firearm parts, or ammunition at this time.

17. Are customers' personal information is given or sold to other parties?

Never. Please know that your privacy is important to us. Our privacy policy has all the information.